10 Deforestation Facts

Some facts about deforestation that are meant to inform you on how the world is slowly dying.

This video was created by Matt.

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Amazon Rainforest deforestation

Do you know what’s happening to the Amazon rainforest? Do you really? DO you know the effect we’re causing on it? Watch and find out

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22 thoughts on “10 Deforestation Facts”

  1. Yet ironically I'm doing a deforestation project ON PAPER well effing done teachers

    I love these facts BTW

  2. i cried on this video to see all of the land destroyed… because of us i feel so greedy i wish some thing about it will stop
    so sad i cant believe that this is happening. my cousin lives in a tribe in amazon rain forest :c

  3. Omg this was posted in 2008 it's now 9 years later how much damage is done now btw I'm here because my teacher showed this to our class😄

  4. ok, it is really sad for the anmals

    oh, who put i like chees or some thing that can be gone to!

  5. I literally started crying why would they do this like I am started crying when I saw this😭😡

  6. Hey, uploaded a video against deforestation, cause I care about and I think everyone can do something against it.
    Would be super glad if you give me some review!

  7. I have to do a report on this in school. This was lit but also shit. I almost cried.

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