8 Ways To Prevent Water Pollution

8 Ways To Prevent Water Pollution

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8 Ways to Prevent Water Pollution

Get rid of polluted water BEFORE it ever happens
Here are 8 Ways to Prevent
Water Pollution

1. Do not dump in or around rivers
Dumping is one of the leading causes of
water pollution

2. Clean and maintain septic systems properly
septic tanks will eventually leak and
human waste becomes exposed to groundwater

3. Follow all water laws and regulations
These regulations and laws are in place for a reason
Breaking the rules puts the water at risk

4. Dispose of pesticides and chemicals properly
NEVER pour these substances out in your yard
or in storm drains, the sink or in the toilet
all of these pipes and drains lead to water sources
and eventually chemicals enter the water supply too

5. Never pour cooking fats and oils down the sink
Not only can this seriously clog up your drains
but it can also cause illness to spread in your water

6. Refrain from using bleach when washing at home
It can cause internal burning as well as poisoning
and can seriously damage the environment

7. Clean up your yard regularly
If you notice your neighborhood getting very dirty
organize a cleanup day and get people involved

8. Educate, educate, educate!
Work to educate your friends, family
about water safety and water pollution

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