A Story About Sustainability

http://www.skyworks.co.uk – Once upon a time, there was a King in his castle …
this little story shows what you can achieve using just aerial footage – sustainability is a hot topic these days, and really good video footage can help you make your point effectively, whether you are in the turbine or solar panel business, or just want to change people’s minds about sustainability generally. This short film about green issues and sustainability generally was put together entirely from video footage filmed by Skyworks from around the world. By using our aerial video footage you save the costs and the environmental damage caused by a helicopter, and you get guaranteed high quality as you have already seen what you are buying! For more details about aerial video footage of sustainability, contact us directly. See more by joining our channel here http://www.youtube.com/user/SkyworksHD
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16 thoughts on “A Story About Sustainability”

  1. A different way to sell a product. Not entirely true or able to achieve but good advertising. Ariel shots are beautiful.

  2. Pretty photography and fairy tale story to indoctrinate the young and to make the older progressives feel superior. Or, perhaps I'm mistaken and the "King" is Al Gore – with his HUGE carbon footprint bought and paid for.

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