ABCs of Pollution and Your Control | David Klanecky | TEDxLSU

ABCs of Pollution and Your Control | David Klanecky | TEDxLSU

We talk about clean energy and debate the definitive impact humanity has on our environment, but the numbers are often too abstract for us to internalize. In this talk, chemical engineer David Klanecky lays out straightforward analogies to help us understand our individual impact on the planet’s future, and hints at at what we, as consumers, can do to make easy and effective changes for the better.

David Klanecky understands as well as any local how critical energy is for transportation. David has worked all over the world in roles that focus on humanity’s environmental impact, and he has seen how different cultures approach the tasks of transportation and electricity generation. Today he works with companies to pave the way for humanity’s new relationship with transportation by exploring more effective ways to produce and store energy. Looking at the ever-present challenge of energy storage, he is working to prepare us for the moment when electric cars become the standard in transportation by storing and distributing renewable sources of energy more efficiently. David’s work is on the forefront of tomorrow’s energy paradigm, and he is implementing the solutions for the future in Baton Rouge today.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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  1. They use coal to make electricity , yes we need to keep looking. But nothing new as the people with the mineral rights are the most power full and will slow down wind and solar. They also have trump now to stop clean air.

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