An inconvenient truth, Al Gore Exposed by Lord Monckton Climategate , a clip from Apocalypse? No!

Please I implore you to watch the entire video:
With COP 15 looming, whereby global governance is on the agenda based on the debunked science recently exposed by climategate, Lord Christopher Monckton has been fighting the UN agenda BS for years. This video was from october 2007 according to the slides, in the video debunks 20 points of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, which was suppressed by the lame stream media sadly showing that we’ve been scammed by Al Gore’s Fraud!. When climate gate started the only major publications that would touch it were fox news and Russia today, sure CNN eventually did a whitewash piece, but here in Canada CBC and CTV have been very hush hush. I understand why with CBC in particular now that David Suzuki’s claims are now debunked therefore the Nature of things would suffer by the revelations so don’t expect this to be reported there. Don’t let the scam continue, call into talk shows and ask about climategate, email Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Federal Environment Minister Jim Prentice and tell them you will hold them accountable for treason if they sign on to global government.
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