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Oil prices fall on oversupply

Oil prices fell after data showed U.S. production rose last week just as OPEC exports hit a 2017 high. Fred Katayama reports. Subscribe: More updates and breaking news: Reuters tells the world’s stories like no one else. As the largest international multimedia news provider, Reuters provides coverage around the globe and across topics

5 Best Hybrid Cars 2017

5 Best Hybrid Cars 2017 Please do subscribe, like and comment BMW i8 Vw C Coupe GTE Mercedez Benz C 350e Audi A3 e-tron Volvo T8 Twin Engines

Electrochemistry of Fuel Cells

Donate here: Website video: Facebook link: Website link: Thanks to its hybrid knowledge, Toyota created the first fuel cell production car. It is a vehicle driven by an electric motor powered by the electricity generated by the chemical reaction between onboard hydrogen and airborne oxygen. This video explains how the fuel

Where to live in America, 2100 A.D.

Season after season, extreme weather bombards the continental United States. Over the next 83 years, its cascading effects will force U.S. residents inward, upward, and away from newly uninhabitable areas. But don’t worry: We’ve mapped out how these factors will alter the country’s landscape in 2100. Check out an interactive version of this map here:

Waste Management of San Diego

Shown here, are 19 different trucks from Waste Management running around San Diego. All of these trucks come from the yard in El Cajon California, and can be seen here servicing all over San Diego County. Any time I go through Waste Management routes by me, I have no idea what to expect because this