Buyer’s guide for solar panels it’s the good stuff for cheap.

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20 thoughts on “Buyer’s guide for solar panels it’s the good stuff for cheap.”

  1. Why don't you admitthat you are a salesman for this company…Someone once said that there are liars, and damned liars…Which one are you?

  2. I have been in the renewable energy field for some time now and have used many products for instructional purposes, but this [link here >>> ] is the best. It has all the material needed to get people here in the IBEW up and running for the installation and design of solar systems

  3. While Alte appears to be a really good solar dealer, it does NOT have the lowest prices for 100 Watt solar panels.  I have just bought one on Amazon for less than $100 and a 100 Watt flexible on Amazon for $119 (2 week delivery from Hong Kong).  Both of these are monocrystalline panels.  This is NOT a put down of Alte but a contradiction of this presentation which says Alte is the low cost provided.  It simply is not true.

  4. Another very сооl itеm  [ Check Details here === ]. I can see ѕеvеrаl uses оthеr thаn a “ѕurvivаl” itеm. I think our grаnd kidѕ wоuld lоvе tо рlау with thiѕ аt night in thе рооl. Kudos to уоu fоr рrоviding ѕuсh аn intеrеѕting piece of kit.

  5. This might be stupid but could you put an automatic sun adjusting filter to prevent solar panels from getting too hot since their best operating temperature is about 77 degrees fahrenheit? I don't know much about solar so forgive me for my ignorance .

  6. what is a good heat resistant solar panel brand? I live in southern AZ and it gets in the 100 pretty regularly here in the summer

  7. Looking at, I noticed that some solar panels are 12 volt, some 20 volt, etc. Can you recommend a website or book that explains which voltage one needs for their system. I'm thinking in terms of a Class C RV with enough power to run a blender, electronics, etc.

    I would appreciate all the help you can give me as to where to look for the pertinent information. Thank you!

  8. The $230 shipping price (for just one panel) might be a deal breaker for some people.

  9. It's nice to see a fairly recent video showing $0.65/W. I just paid $90 for a 100W 12V shipped, from somewhere else… Is shipping included of the $/W figure?

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