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BBC Technology Documentary Renewable Energy NEW+ Science Documentary HD

Video Rating: / 5 Alex Epstein (author and energy theorist) joins Dave Rubin to discuss the climate change debate, including alternative energy, Al Gore, and oil spills. ***Subscribe: Direct Message – Dave Rubin on the Climate Change Debate: Watch the full interview with Alex Epstein: For an alternate view point on the

Alternative Energy Resources

A short documentary on the role of alternative energy in our present times and our future. Video Rating: / 5 At the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris last December, world leaders agreed that climate change is an urgent threat—and that has cemented green energy production as a new frontier of innovation. VICE founder Shane

An Introducton to Alternative Energy Sources

Video 2 / 3 of the Green Futures Project educational video series. For more information, please visit: Video Rating: / 5 Renewable Energy 2017 Science National Geographic Documentary Discovery Channel Full New @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ documentary science and technology, documentary science channel, documentary science 2017, documentary science bbc, documentary science fiction, documentary science history, documentary science

Mini Wind Turbine

Created using Avid Studio Please watch my other videos at: This demonstration video uses simple components and is intended to be used for a school science project in the fields of alternative energy, renewable energy, wind power, wind mills and/or sustainability. The motor can be purchased at Radio Shack and it is very inexpensive.