Category: Consequences Of Global Warming

Living with climate change Global warming is happening. Temperatures have already risen by 0.76 degrees since the industrial revolution and are projected to rise further by 1.8 – 4 degrees by the end of the century. The last time climate change happened at this pace was 125,000 years ago and led to a 4-6 metre sea level rise.

Managing the Impacts of Climate Change on Poverty

Poor people are already at high risk from climate-related shocks, including crop failures from reduced rainfall, spikes in food prices after extreme weather events, and increased incidence of diseases after heat waves and floods. Without rapid, inclusive and climate-smart development, together with emissions-reductions efforts that protect the poor, there could be more than 100 million

Talks at GS – Jeff Orlowski: Exploring the Global Effects of Climate Change

In director Jeff Orlowski’s award-winning documentary films Chasing Ice and Chasing Coral, he documents the devastating impacts of climate change on ecosystems around the world – from the Arctic glaciers to the Great Barrier Reef. In this discussion, he describes capturing those impacts on film while also offering an optimistic set of solutions for the

Climate Change in California: Preparing for the Consequences of Global Warming

Learn more about climate change (and what you can do) at: On June 28, 2013, The Union of Concerned Scientists presented a public forum in Pasadena, California, to examine how climate change is fueling wildfires in California and threatening the insurability of homeowners. The event, “Insurance in an Era of Climate Change,” featured climate