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Fuel cell stack explained

The fuel cell stack assembly is described in this video. Proton exchange membrane fuel cell components are shown in details. Starting from a 5-cell stack, 2 cells are added to complete a 7-cell stack. Assembling process is described step by step. Comments in English. See details of this product at This is not a

Electrochemistry of Fuel Cells

Donate here: Website video: Facebook link: Website link: Thanks to its hybrid knowledge, Toyota created the first fuel cell production car. It is a vehicle driven by an electric motor powered by the electricity generated by the chemical reaction between onboard hydrogen and airborne oxygen. This video explains how the fuel


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How does Fuel Cell work ?

This video lecture will give you a perfect introduction to Fuel cell technology. Here working and physics behind fuel cell technology (PEM) is explained with help of elaborated animation. An easy-to-understand but thorough explanation of the chemistry of fuel cells.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells | Fully Charged

Robert Llewellyn discovers how hydrogen fuel cells actually work. LIKE Fully Charged on Facebook @ Fully Charged Podcast on iTunes @ A huge thanks to James Courtney from the University of Birmingham, for taking the time to tell us about hydrogen fuel cells. Fully Charged is an online show hosted by Robert Llewellyn