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Green Building

Forest Fast Break – making smart energy choices has become a way of life. Building out of wood is a smart choice. Wood is a naturally renewable building material. Video Rating: / 5 Godrej-Green Building Consultancy Services is Mumbai’s first Gold Rated Green Building. The foundation for the thought of it was laid right from

REWE Green Building – Konzept Zukunft

Mit diesem Pilotprojekt geht REWE neue Wege und versteht sich somit als Pionier in Bezug auf Nachhaltiges Bauen und Betreiben von Handelsbauten. Als eines der ersten Pilotprojekte überhaupt und als weltweit erster Supermarkt, wurde es auf der „Expo Real 2009″ in München am 06.10.2009 mit dem Deutschen Gütesiegel für Nachhaltiges Bauen der „DGNB” in der

Green Building Interior Design – Season 3 | Episode 8 | Built to Last TV

Green Building Interior Design – Season 3 | Episode 8: The building materials and finishes play an important role in the overall maintenance and efficiencies of the structure. In this episode of Built to Last we’ll explore construction projects that incorporate the latest techniques for interior design. Learn more at: Video Rating: / 5

How green are ‘green buildings’?

On Property India, a special report on the growing trend for ‘green buildings’ and the incentives that the government gives to buildings that fulfill criteria to be called green. Later on the show, we discuss whether the government has put in checks and balances to ensure that developers stick to ‘green’ norms and also there

Green Building: Jobs of the Future

The Washington State Department of Ecology views green building as a key player in addressing a number of our states priority environmental issues: mitigating climate change, reducing toxics in our environment, reducing waste (both solid and hazardous), managing storm-water run-off and more. In an effort to describe the opportunities that exist this fast growing market