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Greenhouse Effect (Hindi) – Vimal Singh Rathore

Watch the lesson in English here:- | You can watch the entire course on here:- | Download the Unacademy Learning App from the Google Play Store here:- | Discuss the course with fellow aspirants here:- The greenhouse effect is the process by which radiation from a planet’s atmosphere warms the

The Greenhouse Effect

A short clip from YPTE to explain the greenhouse effect. Video Rating: / 5 vid was from: thanks to 3media b friendly to our earth! thats a vid clip i used for my project i think its gud! so i post this out.. ^-^ Video Rating: / 5

The Greenhouse Effect

NOTE: If you need captions, please click the CC button on the player to turn them on. This animation uses narration and illustrations to explain the greenhouse effect and how it relates to climate change. It starts by describing the Earth’s energy balance and the natural greenhouse effect. It then explains how human activities are