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Protecting Your Backyard Chickens from Predators — MOTHER EARTH NEWS Raising chickens is rewarding and valuable for any homesteader, but protecting chickens from predators can be a tough job. In this video, brought to you by Happy Hen Treats, GRIT magazine editor-in-chief Hank Will provides tips to build and design a secure chicken coop to keep your flock safe. More on Free-Range Chickens at

How to Check for Seed Viability – MOTHER EARTH NEWS When in doubt, test seeds out! Here’s how to perform a seed viability test: Moisten the paper towel or coffee filter. Fold 10 seeds into the towel or filter. Seal the paper seed-filled towel in a zipper bag and then be sure to mark the bag to identify the seeds. Place the bag in

Basic Cheesemaking

In this presentation from a 2015 MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR, Gianaclis Caldwell demonstrates how to make “three-in-one” cheese, which serves as the basis for several types of cheeses and transforms depending upon preparation methods. This is a great jumping-off point for anyone wanting to learn the art of basic cheesemaking. Cheese is about coagulating the

2016 Mother Earth News Homesteading Summit. Learn Farming, Gardening, and Homesteading Skills

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