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Peak Oil: Art Berman: Don’t Get Used To Today’s Low Oil Prices

Originally Published on May 7, 2017 Full description and comments at:… Oil expert and geological consultant Art Berman returns to the podcast this week to address head-on the question: Was the Peak Oil theory wrong? With the world “awash” in sub- per barrel oil, were all the warnings about persistently higher future oil prices

Texas Gusher Exposes Lie Of Peak Oil Pushed By Media

David Knight discusses how the mainstream media has been pushing lies on the American public for decades. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we’re reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free live video feed link with your friends & family: Follow Alex on TWITTER – Like Alex

How Much Oil Is Left On Earth?

Where Does Our Oil Come From? Why Low Gas Prices Are Bad For The World Subscribe! Around the world, over 34 billion barrels of oil are used every year. At this rate of consumption, how much oil do we have left? Learn More: The world has 53.3 years of oil left

Peak Oil: Art Berman: The Coming Moonshot In Oil Prices

Originally published by Chrismartensondotcom on Jul 3, 2016 Full Description and comments at:… In spite of the recent low prices for oil and natural gas, an energy supply crunch is looming warns geological consultant Arthur Berman. Berman’s perspective should not be lightly dismissed: he has 37 years of experience in petroleum exploration and production