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GIHS Recycling Facts 4 Kids

This short film was made for a G.I.H.S. Year 12 Sustainable Futures assignment on Recycling. Script Written and Filmed By: Christie Andreasen-Dunn, Emily Page, Elvir Mustafic, Lewis Cooke, Miroslav Nevjestic, Sheena Wilson. Edited By: Sheena Wilson Sources: Addicted to Plastic, documentary by Ian Connacher, Bullfrog Films, USA

Recycling : Recycling Facts

If 300,000 people would stop junk mail coming to their home, they could save half a million trees. Learn about the importance of keeping recyclable materials out of the landfill with help from a solid waste planning engineer and recycling program coordinator in this free video on recycling facts. Expert: Lynn Bestul Contact: Bio: