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Waste management: India’s need of the hour

Approximately 36.5 million tonnes of waste is generated annually. But where does it go? In this episode we trace the journey of waste and how challenging it is for the sanitary workers to manage the waste in our country. Watch full video: Download the NDTV news app: Video Rating: / 5 SUBSCRIBE to

How to Create a Waste Management Garbage Truck Costume

Does your child love Waste Management’s trucks? Here’s a video detailing the steps to make your own Waste Management truck costume. For a hard copy of the instructions, visit WM’s Media Room: Video Rating: / 5 This video is a story about people. Our people. Our family. It’s a story about humans helping other


Follow me on Facebook at: Shot & Edited by Ian Clement Music by Gnirehst Special thanks to Delima Garden Cafe and Teku dumpsite. Video Rating: / 5 Ecube Labs is a provider of smart waste management solutions that utilize IoT technologies. Our integrated line of products include solar-powered waste compacting bins (Clean

Becoming a Japanese Waste Management Specialist

RE-UPLOAD. Had to block out the recycling company’s info. Little did Aiko know, that instead of making a video about recycling, she was training to become a Japanese Waste Management Specialist. Visit to find out more about the episode and to share your stories about what life is like where you’re from. Camera’s Man’s