China is Now Becoming the World Leader in Electric Cars And Solar Powered Vehicles

Inside China’s Push for Electric Cars.
Beijing promotes new energy vehicles to reduce emissions.
A look at ELF, the solar-powered bicycle-car hybrid.
A solar powered-car – designed by students.
Solar Panels May be Included in Future Audi Cars.
Toyota Adds Solar Roof to New Japanese Prius.
Vehicles Powered By Solar, Electric Moving Into the Market.

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20 thoughts on “China is Now Becoming the World Leader in Electric Cars And Solar Powered Vehicles”

  1. China doesn't have corrupt oil companies that are too greedy to change anything,and discourage anything that doesn't use oil….Good job China!Very smart.

  2. Thanks for the Chinese technology,
    You need to protect your people from the
    pollutions and protect
    your environment and the atmosphere of the EARTH.
    God bless you all who
    works for the development of solar energy producing high quality products as trains, buses,trucks,four wheelers, auto rickshaws and generators.
    I hope you will made the first PUSHPAK VIMAN which run on
    Solar energy more than ten thousands of ago.
    Thanks for the hard workers of your country and the Chinese government encouraging them.

  3. By copying tesla and bmw without license. Must be nice company's are owned and direcred by the to steal tech and build them.

  4. car battery for electric car cost & replacement cost of battery
    kitna charge par battery charge karni parti he

  5. Solar roof should be standard on vehicles with batteries. Makes no sense banning them on cars when people fit them aftermarket on rv and vans.

  6. Come on people, dnt we stupid, ev is not easy, all major manufacturer have a leg in, china is no way close to the lowest standard. China has no motivation, money, brain to produce one. Look at their current fossil fuel cars, after 20 yrs their cars still a joke even the little Korean beat them, look at the population ratio China vs Korea ??, there are more dumb people in China then anywhere else in the world, they are good as copy the shape, that it, the rest is lousy shameless PR, shut up Ching Chong and leave South China Sea alone you barbarian.

  7. China is great in almost every branch of technology. Keep up the good job in tranforming the world of China technology.

  8. I think Tesla has a major say in this statement, besides I have not seen one car made by this company here in the states.

  9. C'mon China! With your population and your ability to prioritize EV's vis-a-vis your local market, you'd lead and eventually force the rest of the world – especially the U.S. – to fully swing toward EV's. (I know Norway has been tipping the balance at this point. But, your 'numbers' will put you 'in front'…).
    This is exciting!

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