#ClimateFacts: How much do humans contribute to global warming?

How much of climate change is caused by people? The newly released National Climate Assessment finds that humans are responsible for up to 123% of global warming.

How is that possible? This latest #ClimateFacts video explains.

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A video explaining the effects of greenhouse gases on our atmosphere and how this effect causes global warming. Also, it explains the effects of global warming and how to help reduce pollution in everyday choices.
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31 thoughts on “#ClimateFacts: How much do humans contribute to global warming?”

  1. Permafrost is melting at unprecedented rates due to global warming, causing further climate changes.

  2. This video starts out on the wrong foot with "climate change deniers." Who exactly ever denied that climate changed? It has always changed. It can't help but change and it will always change, as long as Earth has an atmosphere. This makes me "123% certain" that this film doesn't know what it's talking about.

    Increasingly obvious of global warming? So what? Whoever said Global Warming was bad? And did they ever prove it? Nope!

    You show pix of wildfires which we've always had, even in periods of global cooling. Yes, ice melts during the warmer seasons. It even did that during the last glacial period of the current Ice Age. We've had thousands of years of glacial melt, raising sea levels more than 400 feet. All that warming made civilization suddenly possible for the first time in 90,000 years (9,610 BC).

    Smog isn't global warming. Droughts actually decrease with global warming. Why? Because more water evaporates from the oceans, replenishing the land. Those deserts that persist get drier, and other deserts disappear, like the Sahara did during the far warmer Holocene Optimum — green for 3,000 years.

  3. It's very simple.
    If there were no humans then fossil fuels would still be in the ground.
    If there were no humans then the wildlife population would have remained the same.
    If there were no humans then the world would have had more forests.
    If there were no humans then the air, oceans, land and rivers would have been clean.

    If there were no humans then there would be no global warming.

  4. Global warming is indeed a serious matter, but ,my God man, LEARN TO SPELL. You will have more credibility.

  5. Our country keeps getting cleaner. Things were horrible 40 years ago. No one cared. Little regulation. We have come a million miles. We are an extremely consious, clean, and proactive nation, on the environment. People now swim and recreated on beaches and in rivers that were literally toxic death traps a generation ago. Things are undeniably better, and improving, and I guess I would love it if a few enviro – doom saying extremists would simply acknowledge that fact, take a deep breath and give the USA a very well deserved round of applause, WITHOUT any negative statements or dire warnings ADDED. Can you even do it ONE TIME?

  6. greenhouse…bullshit…..more co2 and methane into the atmosphere causes global cooling not warming……co2 and methane are what reflect radiation back out into space…so less co2 and methane means global warming…more co2 and methane means global cooling..less radiation in…. thus causing a gradual cooling of the earth…not a drastic warming of the earth……the facts are out there for all to see..just not in the main stream fodder and govt. controlled media…..

  7. You don't know what you're talking about you idiot global warming is a scam I can base that off of facts you can base yours off of false theries look into something before you post it online -:(

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  9. Pollution is destroying our planet which also means ourselves as well as the environment, to fully understand why this cause is happening visit Truth Contest (_ com

  10. The "steam" released from those smoke stacks consists of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide, and water vapor among other things. Carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide are two of the main greenhouse gases that pollute our atmosphere.

  11. By how much has the Earth's average temperature gone up during the last 15 years? ……… zero, nothing, nada, f-all.

  12. (at)vmgqie if the climate change is natural and has been around for thousands of years (which is proven), it was there before man. So how can it still be man made? Well nuclear energy has its pros and cons. But building a reactor near an active plate border is asking for questions. And the problem was the tsunami, not the earthquake. And all of a sudden, shortsighted people want to close all nuclear plants? Well I can tell you: its not gonna be wind, solar or water replacing nuclear.

  13. yes I totally agreement with you, but according to the climate scientists its man made, and don't they love scaring us and our kids with dooms day predictions, LFTR can stop pollution from burning fossil fuels, like coal, all the nuclear reactors are at the end of there working life, so if we wont to build a clean safe reactor, LFTR has to be the way to go, even just for the safety aspect LFTR is the one, if LFTR design was at Chernobyl or fukushima there would have been no disasters.

  14. Why does everyone want to SOLVE global warming? its completely natural! every few thousand years the earth heats up and then cools down into a new ice age. Its a cycle, a natural cycle that people now want to break!? Yes we're pollutin But rising CO2 levels is not a cause of global warming but a result and scientists are debating it. But the graphs showing CO2 following the temperature and not the other way around says a lot.
    Don't stop climate change, just be more energy efficient (I'm not xD)

  15. yes we know about global warming, we have been bombarded with this for many years and up till now I have never heard of a decent solution, that is cost effective, makes abundant electricity, safe, inexhaustible, well get ready folks here it is, LFTR, Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor, a test reactor operated from 1965 to1969 and was canned be US military because they could not make nuclear weapons with this reactor, if this design was at chernobyl or fukishema there would have been NO disasters

  16. Yes, climate change is normal but it takes thousends of years while in the past 50-100 years the world climate has changed faster than it's supposed to. And about your global cooling remark, " I wonder what they're going to say when we begin going into the next ice age. Global Cooling?" climate change can heat and cool the world, global warming has had cooling affects also.

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