Coca-Cola Polar Bears Film 2013 produced by Ridley Scott

Coca-Cola Polar Bears Film 2013 produced by Ridley Scott
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Polar Bear Cannibalism

A polar bear eats a cub as it’s mom watches. Polar bears are turning to cannibalism with hunting grounds shrinking as ice melts, possibly due to global warming

Polar bear cannibalism, the rising trend with rising sea levels.
In some polar bear habitats a disturbing trend is taking place among the local bear populations. , They’ve begun resorting to cannibalism.

On this day a photographer was in the Svalbard Archipelago north of Scandinavia when she saw a polar bear feeding. At first she thought it had killed a seal but as her boat got closer to the ice sheet she realized it wasn’t a seal, , it was actually a polar bear cub. What’s even worse is that there was another polar bear looking on that may have been the dead cub’s mother.

As the boat approached the bear stopped tearing at the carcass and stood up, presumably as a warning the photographer and a away and claiming his kill. He then he picked up the cub with his jaws and began moving it from one ice flow to another until it was at a safe distance, then he started in on his meal.

Cannibalism has been seen before among polar bears but it’s becoming more frequent. The reason is that, come summer time there is less ice year after year so there is less areas for the polar bears to hunt seals from. They’ve even begun resorting to stealing the eggs of sea birds to feed themselves, but It’s not enough to sustain these massive bears so now, it looks like they are turning more frequently to killing and eating their own kind, and as the ice in most polar bears habitats is decreasing each annually it looks like this is a trend that may keep increasing.

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