DIY 15$ 40w Solar Panel

so i purchased 10 solar cells that are rated for 40 watts. i’m only getting like 5w from them with my setup due to the low voltage but i can get more power from it with a few fixes. maybe a giant joule thief.

1st song Crafting theme from FF14
2nd song from Jersey Devil PS1
3rd song Lenny the Lyre Bird from Ty the Tasmanian Tiger on PS2
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  1. Dude I see what some of them are talking about. You have to hook your soldering iron to a diesel engine. Just to heat it up for a project. I love what you doing and the video is awesome. Just don't blow a power grid warming up your soldering iron. Just kidding.

  2. I found what I think to be a great deal on some solar cells, they are brand new from eBay. There are 100 solar cells for 50 dollars including shipping. Also they are monocrystalline. Is that a good deal?

  3. Dude this video is golden. I want to cringe and clap at the same time, the music, the voice, the solder iron, the bike, and the wood pile. Pure gold, thanks for the upload subbed for life!

  4. yea it still worked which means the process is right, if nothing else. i found a guy that has a pretty good way of showing you how to build a really good solar station with minimal work.I built one using his particular technique and its been strong enough to powere my garage door openers, tv, radio and some other things in my garage that it works really well for. go to his site to get some good tips

  5. everytime someone says Petrol it always reminds me of cheesoid i dont know if you know that Video ist hilariouse…why cheesoid exist XD

  6. i wonder i hear solar panels are most efficient when they stay cooler what if you put a small hole in the back and put a pc fan to either suck out the hot air or push in cold air

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