Earth Day 2016 / Save Earth-Save ourselves

Created for Earth Day 2013 / The fact that terrifying.
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No matter what you think about global warming or climate change, we need to take care of our planet. It’s the only one we’ve got
We need to care for animals!
We need to take care of Mother Nature!
We need to take care of the environment!
We need to take care of ourselves!!!

And what are we doing???

Animals Facing Extinction:
Lowland Gorilla
Madagascar Fish Eagle 
Vancouver Island Marmot
Black Rhino
Iberian Lynx
California Condor
Red Wolf
Amur Leopard
Sumatran Rhinoceros
Gray Whale
Sumatran Tiger
Golden-Headed Langur
Borneo Pygmy Elephant
Giant Panda
Polar Bear
Nomascus Hainanus
Psammobates Geometricus

List of extinct plants:
Too much to write here…

1. Metron films- “Time”
Full video:

(Tasman Glacier Lake, New Zealand
Milford Sound, New Zealand
Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
Lake Pukaki, New Zealand
Antelope Canyon, Arizona
Horseshoe Bend, Arizona
Prague, Czech Republic
Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
Grand Canyon, Arizona
Death Valley, California
Mono Lake, California
Kalalau Valley, Hawaii
Bryce Canyon, Utah
Yosemite, California
Rome, Italy)
Watch more his amazing videos:

2. Home 2009-documentary by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

1. Hans Zimmer-Time
2.Augusto Dos Santos- Hell on Earth


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Earth Day, Tag der Erde, Den Země, Día de la Tierra, Giornata della Terra,
Jour de la Terre, Dzień Ziemi ,Jordens dag, Dünya Günü Ziua, Planetei Pământ,
Hari Bumi, Dag van de Aarde, 世界地球日, Җир көне,Ден на Земята,Maan päivä,
Tera Tago,Дан Земље,Ден на планетата Земја, Dies Telluris, A Föld napja,
День Земли, Dagur jarðar, Maa päev, วันคุ้มครองโลก, Yvy Ára, Дзень Зямлі,
Ngày Trái Đất,

Everything around us is part of us!
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