Easiest Homemade Windmill Plans for Wind Power

Easiest Homemade Windmill Plans for Wind Power

Parts List Below.
This is the easiest homemade windmill you will find!

CORRECTION! In the video I said 3000w generator… I meant to say 300w… sorry about that. (senior moment) Also, my total cost was a little under 0.
Parts List Below:

27″ Snow Shovels — http://solarpowersimplified.com/
4″ Round Weatherproof Box — http://solarpowersimplified.com/
4″ Round Weatherproof Cover — http://solarpowersimplified.com/
Galvanized Pipe Nipple, 3/4-Inch X 12-Inch — http://solarpowersimplified.com/
EMT Snap N Set Screw Connector, 3/4″ — http://solarpowersimplified.com/
J-B Weld — http://solarpowersimplified.com/
Self-Drilling Screws — http://solarpowersimplified.com/
Pillow Block Bearings — http://solarpowersimplified.com/

You will also need a stick of 3/4″ EMT electrical conduit.

New Find! – 750 Watt Permanent Magnet Alternator for Wind Turbine Generator. Check it out here: http://solarpowersimplified.com/

NOTE: Just weld a nut on the bottom of your 3/4″ EMT conduit and screw this baby on… simple connect.

That’s it! Go Green! Mountain Mike
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5 Wind Turbine Fails, very funny must watch.
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