ENDANGERED SPECIES 2017 – 2018 Full List

Be sure to check out all the endangered species in the world today!
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What does it mean to be an endangered species? Are endangered species destined for extinction? We’re exploring some of these ideas in celebration of Endangered Species Day, May 20th!
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To learn more: https://www.fws.gov/endangered/

Special thanks to Ben Marks, Bruce Patterson, Alan Resetar, Crystal Maier, Caleb McMahan, Jochen Gerber, Christine Niezgoda, and Lauren Smith for allowing us to borrow specimens for this video! And thanks to Crystal Maier, John Bates, and Robb Telfer for being my extra eyes on the script.

Additional footage c/o the Shedd Aquarium here in Chicago! http://www.sheddaquarium.org/
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Producer, Writer, Creator, Host:
Emily Graslie

Director, Editor, Graphics, Sound:
Brandon Brungard

Editor, Camera:
Sheheryar Ahsan

This episode is supported by and filmed on location at:
The Field Museum in Chicago, IL

And made possible with help from the Harris Family Foundation.

24 thoughts on “ENDANGERED SPECIES 2017 – 2018 Full List”

  1. The Greater Sage Grouse! looks just like a final boss of a video game! Good stuff can't wait for part 2

  2. Humans will eventually be next. We are generally not good at planning for the future and are entirely focused on the here and now.

  3. I really can't believe that a channel like this has 300k subs, while new gaming and beauty ones easily reach tens of millions. I was so surprised when I looked at the sub count for the first time in years. Sad.

  4. It is sort of surprising that America of Nixon Era was more aware of environmental impact than the america of today. Also the "WORST" president in US history was one of the few to sign stringent acts like the formation of EPA and clean air act. Nixon legacy has been very misrepresented.

  5. I'd like a Field Museum-vlog sometimes where Emily just wanders around script-less looking at cool things and showing us them and being excited and making funny off-the-cuff comments

  6. I want a t-shirt! I missed the Hyena drive because study boooo. Brain Scoop always has the best designed merch… I loved the soon raccoon poster and the hyena t-shirt and stickers are gorgeous. There are a couple of youtube shows whose t-shirts I'd like to buy but they are.. ugly.. and the one who sells pretty things doesn't sell them any more!

  7. Didn't mention fungi either, assuming that this would fall under the difficult to study effect.

  8. We humans should be careful yeah sure but we should not help endangered species. This disrupts nature's course. Survival of the fittest if they can't survive without our help then let them perish.

  9. I would love to donate, I would love to be able to help the great work that you, the whole brain scoop team, and the Field Museum do. Alas, being a college student, I have no disposable income at the time. All I can give is my moral support, and share your videos with those I know.

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