Evacuated Tube, Pressurized, Stand-Alone Solar Water Heater

Evacuated Tube, Pressurized, Stand-Alone Solar Water Heater

I’m not trying to “save the earth”. Rather, I’m simply attempting to save money, and minimize the impact that rising oil and energy prices have on my yearly cash outlays, and by inference, standard of living.

This clever hot water heater offers relatively low cost of entry, sufficient output, and a short payback period. At current LP gas prices, it will take about four years to pay for the unit (less time if I qualify for tax rebates)(even less time if LP prices rise). Cost to produce hot water in the months with “long days” should be zero Dollars. With my limited experience to date, the use of LP gas to supplement hot water production in the winter months (during periods of extended cloud cover) should be minimal, based on my consumption requirements.


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