Former President Obama discusses climate change at summit with mayors from around the world

The former president delivers remarks at the North American Climate Summit in Chicago.

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The latest update to Google Earth Timelapse has four more years of satellite images and new locations like Antarctica.

37 thoughts on “Former President Obama discusses climate change at summit with mayors from around the world”

  1. Obama killed the best chance the world had to make real changes for the planet.
    But here he is talking out of his ass again.

  2. America can do all it can to help the climate change problems but China, India and all the other Third World peoples would just keep adding more to the problem, we need to control the population of those countries then we could produce our greenhouse gasses and not even make q dent in the ozone

  3. This is what Donald Trump did last week. He watched T.v. 6 hours a day, drank 10 cans of pop a day, told his supporters to vote for a pedophile in Alabama and on the week end will end up playing golf, again.

  4. I not surprised that the majority of people commenting despise Obama, but will someone explain why people who hate Obama follow him on the internet like fans?

  5. Obama is a piece of shit. He should just busy himself sucking Michelle's dick, and stop embarrassing the USA and himself any further

  6. Thanks you Obama for running up the national debt ($10 trillion) more than all US POTUS in history combined. Thank you Obama for negotiating the worst trade deals in history leaving the US billions of $ in trade deficits. Thank you Obama for selling AK 47's to the Mexican drug cartels which ended up killing US border agents Thank you Obama for using the IRS to target your political opposition before the 2012 elections. Thank you Obama for telling us that we could keep our same doctor and same insurance plan if we liked them Thank you Obama for sending $350K to Netanyahu's opposition in an attempt to influence the last Israeli election Thank you Obama as Black Americans on food stamps went up 58% under your Presidency

  7. As a break for all of you, a comment which has nothing to do with the content: The first 2.5 minutes of this video are probably the worst audio engineering I have heard. Get it together ABC.

  8. We had to listen to your boring verbal BS for 8 agonizing years so why dont you just fade away into the woodwork like a good boy

  9. Would Someone please tell Google Earth to STOP hiding 100% of sea ice at both Poles. But they screwed up in the Arctic, a thin band shows thru, Sea Ice Pack! They make the Poles look like Equatorial hot Pacific, pretty blue wavy water. Update, they covered that also now. But focus on Arctic/Antarctic coast lines. They have a problem covering ice near to shore.

  10. ''Great change is coming to the world, change unlike anything that humanity as a whole has ever seen before—Great Waves of change all converging at this time. For humanity has impacted the world in so many ways, and the results of that impact are now gathering—gathering strength, gathering force, converging at a time when humanity is largely unaware and unprepared.''
    Excerpt from Marshall Vian Summer's book 'The Great Waves of Change: Navigating the Difficult Times Ahead'

  11. Wait, so google had these images 32 years ago? Or did they get the images from other sources before they launched their own satellite?

  12. Why don't we just apply Pascal's Wager to Climate Change, just in case?That way, regardless if it's real or not, we still have more renewable energy sources and cleaner air & water. It seems like the logical thing to do. Because if it is real, and we don't, then … shit.

  13. it really illustrates the cyclical nature of earths weather…which existed before and will long after man is extinct.

  14. The earth changes. I think we learned that is geography class. People being the cause of the earth changing is a lie.

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