Genetically Modified Foods

Your dinner table is set with genetically modified foods. What exactly does that mean … and should you be concerned for your health?

The organic food movement grows every year. Many people are attracted to its acclaimed health benefits and superior produce compared to more ordinary foods. Organically grown food is particularly favored over genetically modified foods (GMOs). Indeed, it is hard to find an upscale restaurant or grocery store that does not loudly proclaim its non-GMO status.

Yet, is there any real health benefit to organic and non-GMO foods? The answer (perhaps shockingly to foodies) is no. The media and Internet have been alive for years with the supposed horrific side effects of eating GMOs, with so-called experts claiming they cause all kinds of disease, including cancer. But these “experts” rarely, if ever, have any data to back up their claims. In fact, the one major study that offered some credible evidence of negative health effects from GMOs was ultimately discredited and has since been retracted.

Learn at this event how GMOs have helped us feed a growing world population and protect the environment … and will continue to do so.

Genetic Modification of Foods

Visit : The story in the film “GM food and you” is a journey through the maze of complexities surrounding genetic modification. New technologies have a great influence on our daily lives and plant biotechnology is no exception. After all, plants provide us with the food we need to survive. However, plant biotechnology is a controversial area where both the basic research and its application to our daily lives is viewed with suspicion by members of the public. Legitimate concerns have been raised. The content of the film addresses the role genetic modification and plant biotechnology plays and is likely to play in our society. Is GM food safe to eat? What about the impact on our environment? Do we need it? Is all the truth told about GM crops? What about our right to choose? Can GM crops help the third world? (also see:
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