20 thoughts on “German Army Peak Oil Study – within 15 years oil shortages may collapse global economy”

  1. As almost the entire world is run by psychopaths the immediate solution will certainly be the psychopath's solution. If you haven't figured out what that is by now … you are definitely part of the problem and not part of any solution. Please don't vote.

  2. 29.84 a barrel today. Im just saying. As I drove through Indiana and Iowa last week I saw more wind turbines than ever before. More electric cars on the highway. We are changing as fast as our elected leaders will allow.. lol Which is very slow.

  3. Number One Germany has a very small insignificant military, the last time the world took any notice of it was the end of the WW2. Two there is enough oil to last for 100 years now that fracking is in full swing. Three in the coming decades alternative energy sources will become viable and replace crude as our main source.

  4. anybody who mildly internalizes "some" of the facts of Peak Oil and the emerging scenes hence will connect with this video instantly.

    I can only see profound Vanity in this world we live in. PROFOUND.

    I plant a small garden in my office. A real tiny one. and the funny thing is that little soil generates life. I tend it maybe 5 minutes a day. Yes we dont have the decency to respect mother nature… but we make a GREAT "show" and "respect" for our millions of Gods and churches and it various demented versions. 21 major religions and hundreds of sects from each!!! amazing.

  5. This is more or less factual. I'm expecting a total economic collapse sometime within the next 10 years because of peak oil.

  6. all these countries are already dead. they don't have anything to sell other then food. once they run out of energy. there dead.. right now most buy energy outside the country.. so its inflation.  or they invest in the ones that have the oil. like a leach.. still that not enough.. Europe is dead.. doesn't have oil or metals.. 

  7. 🙂 dont worry our misguided Europeans… We will sell you all the LNG ,you want!!   And manufactured goods 2,our cheaper energy prices give America a massive advantage in energy intensive industry's..Like,steel,glass,petrochemicals,fertilizers,plastics,ect..America's the new OPEC….

  8. I'm much more concerned about peak helium, chromium, lithium, phosphours, nickel, manganese, vanadium, molybdenum, and many most other crucial minerals,…..those we can NOT fabricate.  Oil can already be made from celulose at competitive price to petrol so where we can't replace it with NG and electric we can make all the oil we need plenty cheap enough for airliners, plastics, chems, fertilizer, etc., plus most of those can be made from NG also.  Brazil has been using very cost effective sugar cane ethanol for 'half' their land transport needs and expect to double that just by the addition of new tech to utilize the celulose part of the cane as well soon.   I find it ammusing all the focus on oil by kids today who lack perspective.  We have bigger worries by far.  Be afraid of ocean acidification that's an existential threat to civilization happening NOW.

  9. I already do not drive. Have bicycle as a normal everyday commuter vehicle. Have worked on making my house as energy efficient as possible, especially this year. We're going to be in for a shock with natural gas. There are proven reserves of about 280 trillion cubic feet (that includes fracking), and we go through 26 trillion cubic feet each year. It's pretty obvious to me what's coming in 2024.

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