Green building: Consume less energy and absorb pollution.

Green building: Consume less energy and absorb pollution.

Within the world of design and architecture, for several years it has sought to find the key that achieves buildings bring us truly “smart”, where its function is not only consume less energy and recycle the existing, but also to add value the environment within the image that they bring to the landscape as well as an active tool in cleaning up the air we breathe. In mid-2015, it was presented at the World’s Fair of Milan a building concept that thanks to the materials with which it is built, would be able to “eat the smog”, the first building of its kind to be made of concrete designed to clear the air. A few days ago, he called Palazzo Italia has finally opened its doors.

The magic of this building is its facade of 9,000 square meters covering the windows and the structure, which is made of a material that mixes cement and titanium dioxide, which upon contact with light, capturing the various oxide compounds nitrogen from the air and becomes a kind of salt that is isolated in the surface. When it rains, the salt dissolves and the facade is cleaned. But that’s not all, the building is designed to consume up to 40% less energy than a conventional building of the same size, it does not produce emissions because their windows make use of photovoltaic glass, which is able to feed just over 11,000 LED bulbs. In addition to its structure it was constructed of photocatalytic cement that can be cleaned only with sunlight.

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ABB South Africa’s headquarters, factory and logistics centre on a 96 000m2 site at Longmeadow near Modderfontein, Johannesburg, is a case study of how ABB technology can be used to create a green building built with the very latest environmental concepts and technology.

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This building has:
*solar water heating
*recovery system from the air conditioning
*gray water plant system
*ABB energy efficient circuit breakers
*ABB energy efficient building managment system
*design for natural lighting
*ABB building lighting management system
*waste disposal system
*ABB energy efficient motors,
*ABB energy efficient drives
*ABB energy efficient switchgear panels
*native plants
*rooftop rainwater collection

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