20 thoughts on “Green House Effect EASY TO UNDERSTAND”

  1. Hi axo7ga, can i use your video to put in my presentation about greenhouse gases? i will give you all of your credits ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Because mercury doesn't have an atmosphere at all…. And Venus's atmosphere is 93 times denser than earths atmosphere.

  3. Carbon induced global warming is POPPYCOCK. CO2 only absorbs certain frequencies of light, and the existing CO2 in the atmosphere at the moment is absorbing almost all of that frequency. Adding more CO2 has very very little or no effect on temperature as the extra CO2 molecules are doing nothing.

  4. My teacher gave me a project to find a good video that explains green house effect n thanks to u I found one

  5. Thankyou so much my global perspectives teacher gave me this assignment to get 3 sources for the greenhouse affect and it has to be simple and easy to understand although it has to have many details and i just started today and it is due tomorrow so… THANKYOU i just have to complete one sentence and then I'M DONE!!!

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