Grow Vertically Indoors All Year and Edible Flowers at the Mother Earth News Fair

John from visits the Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs, PA to share with you some vendors that allow you to better grow more food at home. In this episode John will share:
1. Garden Hose Filter that removes chlorine and other contaminants
2. Solawrap sheeting and Greenhouse Dome that withstands 100 MPH winds
3. GardenSoxxx Easy to Use Raised Bed Gardening System
4. Grow Vertically Indoors Year Round with Daylight Designs systems
5. Botanical Interests Edible Flowers and Vegetables to plant for the Winter.
6. Southern Exposure Seed Exchange – Sampling Station – Edible Sorghum
7. Companion Plants that offers exotic and rare edibles and medicinals plants and will ship to you.


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