Hanz Zimmer/Shea/Klebe – Planet Earth II Soundtrack (Best Selection Mix)

Playlist :
Planet earth II Suite
Savage Beauty
Something Worth Protecting
Singing Indri
The Sloth
The Great Migration
Roof Of The World
Wilson’s Bird Of Paradise
Albatross Dance
Savage Beauty
Temple Gardens
Nomadic Life
We Are The Designers
City Skylines
Industrious Insects
Early Morning Fog
Peaks Of North America
Tenatious Bobcat
Garden of Ice
Toronto Reccoons
Flight Over Alps
Planet Earth II Suite

Main Theme by Hanz Zimmer
Original Music by Jacob Shea & Jasha Klebe


Video Rating: / 5

This is a documentary about the greatest quest of all time – finding another planet like Earth.

“National Geographic: The Story of Earth HD”
“Arctic Swell – Surfing the Ends of the Earth”
“The Birth of Planet Earth”
“20,000 Days on Earth”
“Future Earth”
“Journey through the universe beyond the speed of light [HD]”
“”Future SpaceTravel technologies” [2014 Documentary]”
“The Sun” [Space Documentary]”
“The Universe – Deep Space Disasters ( National Geographic Documentary )”
“Space Exploration – Deep Space Disasters Documentary | HD 720p”
“HD Documentary”
Video Rating: / 5


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