Hell Has Frozen Over: Meet Lamborghini’s All-Electric Terzo Millennio Concept

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While we’ve seen mainstream automakers slowly make the transition from internal combustion engined vehicles to electric vehicles in recent years, high performance and prestige brands have been a little slower to adopt plug-in drivetrain technology.

But yesterday in Massachusetts, Italian supercar maker Lamborghini unveiled its first all-electric concept car in the form of the Terzo Millenio (Third Millenium). As concept cars go, this vehicle is a flight of fancy that’s unlikely to make it to market in its current form. But, says Lamborghini, it’s a vehicle that gives us a glimpse of where the brand hopes to go in the future, thanks to a partnership with MIT that is funding research into high-power Supercapacitors for electric cars, as well as structural battery packs and self-healing body work. 

Yet despite this, the Terzo Millennio is a beautiful ‘what if’ car for a brand that has until recently, stuck with the V-12 engine. Is this the car to change the future for the iconic Italian brand, or will it just be a concept car that we’ll forget in a few months time?

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