20 thoughts on “How Fossil Fuels Help Us”

  1. Why not just have a greenhouse gas tax? The estimated amount of each greenhouse gas put out multiplied by how much greenhouse each gas causes per pound. This would punish the more major causes such as methane from cows. This would be more efficient and effective than trying to ban fossil fuels.

  2. I disagree, we're basically at a point now where solar is very viable to take its place but there are forces at work against it. EDIT: And for cloudy days and night, it's called having a battery bank. Most people don't consider that. But hey whatever. lol

  3. Is this a parody? I certainly hope so. Upscaling solar panel manufacture will certainly solve the price problem as well as big energy storage devices like Tesla's are solving the problem of intermittend energy production. For me, the most important argument for clean energy is the consumer's individual freedom to produce his/her own energy and be independent from fossil fuel companies.

  4. This Government Supports Big Oil with very large Subsidies!! There are efficient effective fully green and clean alternative energies that have been suppressed by your Government!! PROFIT ? They charge you for destroying the environment ! Then they can charge you for cleaning it up! (( CARBON TAX))
    Works the same with the F.D.A. Food and Drug Administration!!! Feed the people poison then we can keep them well with medications​!! Our job is Profit !?

  5. Fossil fuels are a life saver in many ways. One way that was not discussed is that CO2 levels are dangerously close to mass extinction levels. We're far closer to Lovelock's "Red Line" of CO2 mass extinction (150 ppm) than we are to CO2 normal (1,600 ppm). Nature has been pushing CO2 levels lower and lower, toward killing off all life on Earth. Humans have reversed that deadly trend by burning fossil fuels.

    If we had not burned fossil fuels, the next glacial period would've brought us even closer to CO2 extinction — killing off all C3 species — that's 85% of all plant species and nearly 99% of all food crop species. No more orange juice, coffee, toast and jam. No more rice, beans, lemons, limes and coconuts.

  6. What is insane. You cannot run a hospital on solar or wind energy, therefore be thankful for fossil fuels because Doctors, Surgeons and nurses can work. Your family members can live.

  7. Hang on, just because renewable energy isn't viable for all our energy needs at the moment doesn't mean that it can't be in the future. The price of renewables are coming down, heavy duty battery capacities are improving, electric cars are getting better and better.

    Also, how do you even measure climate change related deaths? Just off the top of my head, how about the deaths caused from inner city exhaust emissions that pollute the air and cause respiratory illness.

    Renewables are also attractive geo-politically; countries like Saudi Arabia aren't going to be as wealthy and be able to fund terrorist organisations.

    Yes the fossil fuel industry has driven economic growth, brought countless out of poverty and probably improved my life 100 fold but it's now time to reduce its use as alternative energy sources become more viable.

    Fossil fuels are not the devil and renewables are not Jesus Christ but one certainly has better long term outcomes.

  8. There you go again with your fact based common sense talk! It's clear that you simply don't understand what green energy is all about.

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