17 thoughts on “How low can oil prices go?”

  1. 'It acts like a tax break for consumers'? Are you suggesting that the price of oil is somehow being manipulated by the government?

  2. yeah right, they had been playing manipulation for decades, what so surprise about the current prices? The amount of oils hidden as reservation plus those have not been drill yet, it would be more than enough to keep the manipulation games going for and century or so…

  3. Great…..Now the little guy is getting his reward, and the oil sheiks will have to sell their rolls royces, and go back to camels. Good for the environment.

  4. They are talking about a total collapse of the #OilMarket here. Wow, talk about world-wide instability, nations will fall, regimes will get crushed, people will revolt, OMG, this is a nightmare scenario.

  5. well they did trick us into thinking oil come from fossils fuck them why is there fossil fuel on Saturn's moon titan lol must be them dinosaurs

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