Installing Solar Photovoltaic Systems Installation Class

Skyline solar - How much does a photovoltaic system cost?

Bill Edwards from Skyline Solar answering questions that I believe are important when considering having a photovoltaic solar system installed.

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A grid-tied solar electric system generates electricity for your home or business and also routes the excess power (generated during daylight hours) back into the utility grid for use after sunset or for compensation from the utility company.

An off-grid or standalone photovoltaic system is when your solar photovoltaic system is not connected to the utility grid.

There are two major categories of solar panels and several sub categories. The primary breakdown is based on how the suns energy is captured and converted.

Photovoltaic technology directly converts sunlight into electricity.
Solar thermal technology harnesses the sun’s heat energy.

There is also another, more important, way to capture and convert solar energy and our lives are dependent on it.

Photosynthesis is the system that our gardens and food forests use to convert sunlight into foods we eat.
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