Kyoto Protocol – “Rindu” (Live at Pestle & Mortar’s “Smashing Weekend”)

Kyoto Protocol performing at the Pestle & Mortar’s “Smashing Weekends” at Art Printing Works, Bangsar on October 19th, 2014.

– The band performed the English version of their hit single, “Jelita”. Fuad’s messed up the 1st verse.
– During the bridge of “KL I Love You”, Fuad invited me into the performing area and introduced me to everyone. :O
– After the end of “Gimme Nothing”, the crowd chants for an encore and the band get back to stage and perform their hit song, “Pussycat”.
– “Gimme Nothing” & “Pussycat” not recorded due to camera problems.

1. KL I Love You
2. Still Alive*
3. Dispensable*
4. Monster’s Ball*
5. Rindu
6. Beautiful (English Version of “Jelita”)
7. I Am Not*
8. Gimme Nothing

9. Pussycat

*Songs from their upcoming album, “Catch These Men”.

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