Living with climate change
Global warming is happening. Temperatures have already risen by 0.76 degrees since the industrial revolution and are projected to rise further by 1.8 – 4 degrees by the end of the century. The last time climate change happened at this pace was 125,000 years ago and led to a 4-6 metre sea level rise.

Global warming at the upper end of the scale predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change would have catastrophic consequences for Europe. Up to 30% of plant, animal and bird species would be wiped out and the threat of natural disasters such as landslides, floods and mudslides would increase significantly.

20 thoughts on “Living with climate change”

  1. Very soon the world scientific community will acknowledge my physics theory regarding the changes that are taking place on our planet.I have been arguing and will continue to argue that the cause for these changes is the changing Sun. As the Sun's magnetic field increases in the intensity heat at the Earth's core increases and the core start to rotate faster which causes an increase in earthquakes, volcanic eruption and other climate change phenomenon…etc

  2. (at)nlpjohn While the Medieval Warm Period saw unusually warm temperatures in some regions, globally the planet was cooler than current conditions. This has been confirmed by the National Academy of Sciences Report on Climate Reconstructions.
    Do you mean the climategate scientist who were cleared of any wrongdoing by 5 independent reviews an investigations- i'm guessing you weren't up to date.

  3. Yes, global warming is happening. Afterall we just left the "little Ice Age" around 1800. So of course the world is warming. But the problem for alarmists is there was the Medieval Warming Period (MWP) where temps were HIGHER than today while having lower CO2 levels. Modern warming is well within natural variations and no one else has been able to disprove this. My favorite line in the climategate emails was the line that they had to get rid of the MWP. 🙂

  4. That's ironic because people fly there to see snow, but by flying, their carbon footprint SOARS and produces a lot of carbon dioxide, causing warming and melting snow.

  5. Ooh, the evil humans with their radiators on and electric cookers left running! Typical Left Wing emotional shit!

    NuLab swines in Government with their own vested interests trying to hoodwink the people. They only listen to what they want to hear, to foist, amongst other things, more heavy taxes. This is the drugs thing all over again.

    The corrupt and dictatorial EU is no different. Paste the following title into the bar: EU POWER-EATERS ALSO TO DEVOUR YOUR CASH!

  6. Global Warming is a pseudo-science like they had in the Soviet Union. The top three gurus for the Global Warming Cult are
    A flake, who has a load of character, credibility & possible mental issues
    A Railroad Engineer (Choo Choo Charlie) who is the chief quack of the quacks of the IPCC
    Head of the CUEI is an economist with ties to the IMF

    Yeah Global warming is a pseudo-science

    These bums are more qualified working at an amusement park train ride

    1984 Choo Choo!

  7. Over the past 10 years we have had global cooling. Shouldn't you guys be figuring out how to "hide the decline" instead of producing propaganda videos?

  8. along these lines, there is a 14 page document hosted on the website of and written by the D.O.E here in the states .. research "D.O.E. and Geo-Engineering"

  9. This is a load of garbage. It is certainly some kind of cyclical variation. Here in sunny Western New York, our weather is growing colder– repeat– colder– repeat– colder. We did not really even have a summer this year. This has nothing to do with my car or an incandescent light bulb. These commies want to take our cars, our houses– everything. They will not succeed. Lock and load.

  10. We have to plant pot everywere possible and outgrow the zionnist/occultist/eugenic world power they try to push on us ! UN IS THE ENEMY !

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