Mark Steyn vs Michael Mann, Climate Change: The Facts, Keynote 4, ICCC10

Mark Steyn talks about his new book, “Climate Change: The Facts” and his lawsuit against climate scientist Michael E. Mann of Penn State University at The Heartland Institute’s Tenth International Conference on Climate Change on June 12, 2015. To watch all presentations from this conference and others, visit To read all of Mark Steyn’s work, visit
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10 Shocking Global Warming Facts
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FACT #1 – 0:06 : Point Of No Return

FACT #2 – 1:24 : Tidal Turbines

FACT #3 – 2:34 : Animal Extinction

FACT #4 – 4:11 : Ocean Acidification

FACT #5 – 5:18 : Coral Reef Bleaching

FACT #6 – 6:53 : Cows Are Killing Us

FACT #7 – 8:19 : Rising Sea Levels Will Overtake Cities

FACT #8 – 9:49 : Shishmaref, Alaska People Forced To Move

FACT #9 – 11:18 : Melting Glaciers Cause Earthquakes

FACT #10 – 12:34 : Trumpeter Swans Thriving?

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Intro Line:

Point Of No Return

Tidal Turbines

Animal Extinction

Ocean Acidification

Coral Reef Bleaching

Cows Are Killing Us

Rising Sea Levels Overtaking Cities

Shishmaref, Alaska People Forced To Move

Melting Glaciers Cause Earthquakes

Trumpeter Swans Thriving?
Wikipedia (Lost Link)
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