Meat The Facts – On Global Warming

Meat The Facts - On Global Warming – A shocking look at the state of the planet and the effects of meat consumption on our precious home.

Climate Change, Facts vs. Myths.

According to scientists, greenhouse gases and CO2 production represent the main causes of the climate change affecting our planet. We are looking for solutions like quotas and international conventions and agreements, yet these seem to yield no real effect. And yet, the real causes lie under our feet and the solution is strikingly close.
First of all, we should stop draining agricultural land and forests. We must retain rainwater where it falls, since the raindrops that fall on compressed soil immediately run off to the lower areas. Water which falls on the ground above the man-made slopes is subsequently quickly discharged, causing flash floods.
Since the water does not soak into the ground, river and brook sources dry out and groundwater levels are decreasing, too.
Drained continents are heated even further by solar radiation, subsequently heating Earth’s atmosphere and resulting in global warming.
Consequences are alarming – droughts and forest fires, melting glaciers, increasing ocean levels.
Yet an effective and simple solution to this problem exists. We have it. Please help us persuade scientists and politicians that the time has come to change our perspective.

You can find more information in the documentary entitled “DRAINING OF SOILS = CLIMATE CHANGE”.
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