NEET / AIIMS 2018 – Ecology: Organisms & Populations Lecture – 4 (Environmental factors)

1. Environmental factors
2. Atmosphere and life
3. Light in ecology
4. Sun as a source of energy
5. Light as an environmental factor

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Environment and Ecology – 250 Most Expected MCQs – Part 2 – UPSC CSE IAS 2018 2019 Preparation

This course basically contains expected MCQs on Environment and Ecology. All the current and static topics viz. important conventions, wildlife species, protected area networks, ecology are covered in the MCQs. All the MCQs are based on latest UPSC pattern. Detailed explanations and additional information are also provided with the answers. After going through this course, one will be able to score maximum marks as it caters to the UPSC pattern and also important aspects are covered with respect to Environment and Ecology.

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