Organic Foods: Are They Worth the Increased Cost? RX RANT

Dave Palumbo rants about organic foods. Is it a scam? Are the animals eating the right foods? Are you confused? Don’t be. Dave lays it out straight.

GMO (genetically modified organisms) is not the same as non-organic. In this video I explain the difference.

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24 thoughts on “Organic Foods: Are They Worth the Increased Cost? RX RANT”

  1. You sound ignorant of the truth of organic, its more than just pesticides,they alter the dna of the plants they use. They also put chemicals inside of nonorganic food (Tsp in cereal for example) make sure you actual research the shit. Organic chicken tastes 10x better , non-organic chicken is really dry and tough with a bad taste to it if you dont season it. Come on dave. Yes its a scam that organic cost so much of course , but thats their fault ! Healthy food should never cost an arm and a leg period.

  2. This is wrong on so many levels… non organic vegetables have had synthetic pesticides used on them.. these same pesticides kill the bacteria in the soil that digest the minerals that the plants then absorb… no bacteria means a massively reduced mineral content in your food… sorry Dave

  3. Dave you sound like you’re talking out of your ass. Healthy eating and eating for bodybuilding are two different things.

  4. Interesting food for thought. I'm on SNAP so I can't afford the higher quality stuff, so I find ways to balance it out on the cheap: I eat fish for omega 3's, and I eat a teaspoon of turmeric with a 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper every day for various neutralizing effects (e.g. anti-inflammatory, anti-estrogenic, blood sugar and cholesterol regulation). I also take agmatine because it's dirt cheap; that has a lot of healing properties as well.

  5. Wrong wrong and one more time wrong brother dave !! 1 st of all Organic do not cost 800 a week , 2 and i try both foods and i can taset the chimacals , 3 third it dose change your body big time , non organic is big time toxicans and shows on your skin and your gut , i shope at whole foods and i spend 150 max a week and i eat a lot , so your 100 precent wrong brother dave ,

  6. Bodybuilders don't care about organic most of them are going to drop dead in their 40s from a heart attack, their not worried about living to 80 or 90 so no need for long term health measures

  7. Dave, I stopped listening here. "It's such a fine line between organic and non organic pesticides." Yet in the sentences prior, you indicted you have no idea how it actually works. Do research before sitting in front of us with your uninformed opinion.

  8. If youre going to put something in your body 5-6 times a day everyday make sure its good quality therefore organic is superior.

  9. Gut health, peaticises working as estrogens and other endocrine disruptors, nightmare for bodybuilding. At least for vegetables and fruit i buy organic only. And nuts, peanuts grow on cotton fields. Cheers 😉

  10. How is this even a topic of discussion? If you think ingesting Additional pesticides and meat pumped full of hormones and antibiotics is good for you, you're retarded.

  11. While I mostly eat much better than the majority of Americans… it doesn't count if I'm eating a bunch
    of toxic fruits and vegetables either from genetic modification and/or pesticides that are sprayed on what I do eat.

    I'm 33, my body is "dis"eased from all of these crazy external factors! I had my BIG AWAKENING this week. I can no longer continue to live like this! I'm going to start using local organic farming co-ops to get my food. I'll bet I can reverse the damage multiple sclerosis has caused by eating an only organic, non gmo mostly raw plant based diet!
    I never knew about canola oil being a gmo culprit!! I thought it was the next healthiest thing to olive oil! Thank you again dude!

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