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  1. (at)XtianWestendShamer ahahaha your failed trolling makes me lol. seriously if ur gonna troll atleast make it somewhat believable

  2. All this talk about Tron Avatar options for Xbox live and no one mentions the Tron variant costumes for Marvel?

  3. Pop science obviously isn't aware of the dozens of universities who are using Kinect in a variety of creative and new applications. Where as the move is little good for anything other than a Rave show, considering how the Wii can do the same things in any environment. Then again, anyone who has ever referenced pop science as a refutable source hasn't gotten much higher than a B.

  4. For some reason i want to say you look like Salt (angelina jolie) but your wayyyyy hotter….

  5. (at)SenseiDonGraham Well North Korea understands that we have a far larger and more deadly nuclear arsenal. And if they use one, that gives us range to use them in defense, which would completely destroy North Korea. You are right, it would be hard to stop, but North Korea would more likely want a ground invasion and conquer the South, rather than see both sides destroyed by nuclear attacks.

  6. (at)TheCraneOfTruth No you said "Our forces are fully capable of defending our ally and stopping North Korean aggression." I was talking about a nuclear attack from North Korea, sent to South Korea. This is a mere span of miles and extremely small window of time to stop a missile traveling from neighbor to neighbor, I highly doubt that a nuclear missile from the North sent to the South can be stopped the first time.

  7. Things will never settle down in the Korea's until the North is absorbed by the South and Kim's family is put on warcrime trials and the entire north army disbanded.

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