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How to Create a Waste Management Garbage Truck Costume

Does your child love Waste Management’s trucks? Here’s a video detailing the steps to make your own Waste Management truck costume. For a hard copy of the instructions, visit WM’s Media Room: http://mediaroom.wm.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Make-Your-Own-Waste-Management-Truck-Costume.pdf. Video Rating: / 5 This video is a story about people. Our people. Our family. It’s a story about humans helping other

Using Magma To Create Energy

Iceland is leading the way when it comes to using magma as an alternative source of fuel. In fact, they even came up with the first ever geothermal plant after accidentally drilling into magma back in 2009! Trace explains how this new power plant is changing how we heat our homes in hopes for a