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simpleshow explains the Carbon Footprint

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about climate change and how you should reduce your carbon footprint. But what’s that exactly? Just like an actual footprint, it’s a mark you leave upon the environment. No, not with your shoes but with every action that releases “Carbons”. Those are the harmful gases, such as Co2, which

CNN Explains: Deforestation

CNN Special Correspondent Philippe Cousteau explains why deforestation occurs and its negative effect on the environment. We are students from Malayan Colleges Laguna and this video is for our general biology (BIO011) course. Animators: Levi Miscala (Me), Avegail Tolentino, Aaron Banaticla and Danyel Santos Backgroung Music: Garage Band free music Narrator: Janoah Ami Soriano, Levi