TEDxEastSalon – Bjarke Ingels – Hedonistic Sustainability

May 9, 2011- Bjarke Ingels wows the audience with his wit and unlikely architectural solutions around the globe. Prepare to be dazzled.
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Kellogg Company and Sustainability

Making a positive impact throughout the journey of our foods
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20 thoughts on “TEDxEastSalon – Bjarke Ingels – Hedonistic Sustainability”

  1. Future generations are going to have to undo all of the damage wrought upon their cities by these complete megalomaniacs. That building in Tallinn is nothing short of barbaric.

  2. Wonderful!
    I wish to share with you a project about building peace through socially committed, humanitarian and sustainable architecture.
    This may be of interest to those who are interested in architecture, building, community, sustainability and contributing to a more egalitarian world.
    The project is now on Kickstarter, trying to build a community around it: kck.st/2bKWGTD

  3. He should've publicly admitted the inspiration and clear influence of the late Viennese artist Hundertwasser – of Ingels so-called "Creating Eco-systems." He's not the originator of it, which some may get the impression by most of these talks? I hold it against him. Despite that, there's much to admire about B.I.

  4. I love this guy and his team. This… seeing these things come to fruition, among all of the terrible things happening, is what adds quality to my life. 

  5. Proud to be a danish constructing architect 😀

    And Bjarke is just one of our great architects..

  6. We've dreamt of cities that look like this kind of architecture since the 70s, especially the 80s. I wonder what took so long to make it possible

  7. If you can capture CO2 that way – why not turn it into a resource? How pure is the CO2? CO2 is used in all kinds of ways, not the least as botanical respiration

  8. Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Nah. Bjarke Ingels also added a bikini ski slope to his 40+foot garden

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