20 thoughts on “The Sun – The real cause of Global Warming”

  1. So its the sun ya? Just about strong enough to drive climate changes, but just a little bit, juuuust that little bit to unreliable and unstable to NOT be used for renewable energies like solar panels. How convenient for big oil.

  2. His claim that the IPCC have not considered solar variability is an out and out LIE .
    Here are two references to the topic from IPCC's AR4 report, four years before this video was released:
    (1) http://www.ipcc.ch/publications_and_data/ar4/wg1/en/ch2s2-7-1-3.html
    (2) http://www.ipcc.ch/publications_and_data/ar4/wg1/en/ch1s1-4-3.html

    Any real climate scientist would know the contents of the IPCC reports. So either:
    (I) he is not a real climate scientist
    (II) he is lying through his teeth

    And deniers keep lapping up the lies.

    But wait – it seems his education is in GEOGRAPHY , not climate science as he claims.
    So even if the answer is (I), he is a liar for claiming to be a climate scientist.
    He's a liar whichever way you look at it. And WRONG .

  3. Dr. Tim Ball is a Professional Climatologist and has plenty to say on this subject of Mann Made Global Warming.

  4. But the temperature is still going up, and regardless of the cause, the results of global warming remain the same, right? This just means that we have no way to contain it.

  5. Only slight problem with his statement that the IPCC "ignores the Sun" is that it is mentioned 100's of times in the most recent document (and the 3 prior reports). In fact 2 solar physics colleagues were on the committee.

    As for the sun's magnetic field controlling CRs and thus cloud cover. Was also mentioned in the report. However what he fails to tell us is that for the Earth to be warming we need fewer clouds not more. Ooops! The Sun's magnetic field has been weakening so that would say more clouds are needed. The other flaw in his argument is that we measure the cosmic ray flux and for it to be either warming or cooling the planet there would have to be a downward or upward (resp.) trend. There is no discernable trend.

  6. Increase in Co2 is a product of warming the oceans it has almost nothing to do with causing temperature change.

  7. Well then maybe also The sun is more than middle age, how does man knows, Maybe we are living100millionyear after the Sun and planets formed ever sense The Dinosaurs!

  8. Global warming is cost also by man, the burnig of fossil fuels, and the carbon emission of hundreds of thousands of drivers every single day let alone the sunshine!

  9. Tim talks about the sun magnetic field, but what about the decline in the earth's magnet field, could there be another collation between earth magnetic field and temperature

  10. Why has there have to be ONE reason? Surely there are multiple reasons. Are we supposed to feel sorry for this person?

  11. white ppl, are not the threat. the banks, gov, who are mostly white, mostly, are the threat. they are the overlords

  12. I think the Sun causes warming because I saw it up there the other day and it just looks warm.

  13. Global Warming = Hoax created by the white man for power

    third world nation creating WMD's = Hoax Created by the white man for power

    Economic crisis = Hoax created by the white man for power

    White man = Real global threat

  14. Except solar irradiation has been declining for the last thirty years and temperatures have been increasing.

  15. Mars' melting caps is business as usual : tinyurl DOT com/y32bz93
    Happens during every Marsian summer.

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