Thermal Energy Storage Tank Build

Thermal Energy Storage Tank Build

Did this for my Mechanical Engineering senior project at Cal Poly Pomona.

Check out full project info here:

Thermal Energy Tank:
Our design utilizes Phase Change Material in order to store heat for later use. The phase change material used is paraffin wax, which can be thought of as like candle wax except it is much more expensive due to its precise thermal properties. This wax melts at a certain temperature which can vary based on the waxes chemical composition, we decided to go with 53 degrees centigrade for its melting temperature. The hot water that has been heated up by the sun will be pumped through our tank during the day which will melt the wax that is encapsulated inside the tank. When a material changes from solid to liquid it requires heat or energy to do so, likewise when it solidifies it will release heat in the process known as latent heat. This latent heat will be used to heat the water up after the sun goes down and the sun can no longer provide enough energy to keep the incoming water hot enough to maintain the wax as liquid.
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Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion ( OTEC ) – Animated and explained with 3d program
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