TRICK REVEALED FREE ENERGY motion perpetual Rotation infinity tutorial

This is an TRICK REVELED on experiment to energy infinity..
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Latest anonymous message in 2017!
This news coincides with announcements by NASA of age reversing pills and faster than light travel technology that will allow us to go to visit newly discovered earth like planets.

President Trump wants to disclose 1000 classified patents regarding age reversal medicine, free energy, and quantum technology.

CIA sources are also saying a secret presidential order was given to release free energy technology as well as existing anti-aging technology.

The only thing that is blocking humanity from this future of immortality and exponential expansion into the universe is now a small group of people clinging to control of financial computers at the Federal Reserve Board, the Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank and the BIS. These computers need to be physically seized in order to allow the issuance of unlimited funds to let humanity spread its wings and fly.

You have to watch this! Something big is going to happen in the world.
The concerns expressed in the message are really challenging.

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