“Unreal” – Intervista ai Noise Pollution

I Noise Pollution presentano il nuovo album “Unreal”, disponibile dal 14 ottobre 2016. Un’occasione per parlare del loro progetto musicale.

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A piano solo arrangement and tutorial for Portugal. The Man’s song ‘Noise Pollution’, from their most recent album ‘Woodstock’. I found this one particularly challenging, and hope that it paid off.

Free sheet music (PDF):

Arrangement by HeLiam for Portugal. The Fan.
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6 thoughts on ““Unreal” – Intervista ai Noise Pollution”

  1. Some comments on this one:

    1) I have chosen to not focus solely on the album version and mix the arrangement between the album and the live at KCRW versions.

    2) Because of this the bassline goes G-G-Bb-G-D-G-C-D-F-G to keep with the KCRW chord pattern Gm-Bb-Dm-C. I believe on the album version the bass chords have the Bb and D swapped (G-G-D-G-Bb-G-C-D-F-G).

    3) KCRW is also where that bridge riff comes from after the first chorus.

    4) I decided to change the solo for personal reasons, the entire song is very poignant, aggressive and stabby (particularly when condensed on piano), so I thought I'd introduce a break and make it calmer and add a more beautiful element into the arrangement (and sneak in some older CC material). I hope it paid off, and any feedback is appreciated. (On the album the bass and guitar hit Gs in different octaves if you want to stay more true to the original).

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