Virtual Water and Sustainability

Virtual Water and Sustainability

This is an educational video I made as part of a initiative of various “action projects” in my Water Sustainability class at UMass Amherst. I decided I wanted to share with people what I’ve learned about water sustainability and this really cool concept called “virtual water”! I hope you enjoy!

(1) The Water Crisis
(2) Virtual Water
(3) What YOU can do!

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17 thoughts on “Virtual Water and Sustainability”

  1. Good presentation.  I particularly liked the connect with what we eat.  IF there was only one thing we could do to save the most water and to help with the environment including climate change it would be to eat a whole food plant based diet.  I am amazed at the virtual water it takes for that hamburger.

  2. Fantastic video. Very interesting and informative. Thank you for uploading! Keep up the great work. 

  3. Great Video. Would it be your position that poorer nations (my class is focussing on Sus-Saharan Africa) with water shortages should consider importing more of their food products in order to save the small amount of water that they use in the production of what they produce to feed their people? May seem an odd decision at first, but makes good water sense?

  4. Well… we can't exactly stop eating meat altogether, we kinda need it even though we're omnivores

  5. This is a really great overview of the issue. Thank you for creating it!

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